we cut the bullshit

No customers, no funds, no plan, just a vision and an entrepreneur willing to take a risk to create something different. Two years on, a few spades and shovels later, an office with a view and an entire gaggle of brilliant customers, the risk paid off.

It took a while but we’re established now and doing things the way we believe, creating brands customers can live by and helping them shape their business like we did with our own.


Whilst we love developing brands that’s not all we do, we don’t just create, we amplify too. We brand, design, market, socialise, write and print. We make your business our business with creative minds, clever brains and unconventional ideas.

Not just tied to Yorkshire we have bases in the Midlands and an office in Cornwall, servicing customers across Europe, some small and some major household brands.  We don’t have a type, if you want creativity in abundance and have a brand that could benefit from a bit of different, then you might be for us and we might be for you.


Cantel UK

Oakman Inns

Safe Care Technologies

Orchards Estates

Optimum Recruitment

Eclipse Controls


Knightsbridge Estates

HP Property & Lettings

the founder

Nina Summerton

Founder & MD

Founder of Awkward Melon, mother to one sassy seven year old and best known for keeping it all together. Nina left school at 16 and did it ‘the old fashioned way’ working her way through the ranks (and some strange jobs along the way - she’s hung up the hard hat and high vis now!) before turning the dream into reality in 2015. With a real talent for project management and interpreting a brief, Nina will be able to engage with your team at any level so we deliver a first class project every time! Nina should have shares in Cadbury, is now bionic after a fall from a Shetland and is one of those annoying people at McDonalds drive through who doesn’t like the gherkins.