Is your brand bracing for Brexit?…..

You’d probably think an agency like ours wouldn’t have many thoughts on Brexit? But actually quite the opposite, we’ve heard about it all over the news, we’ve had it constantly in our faces wherever we turn and I suppose we are all currently in a state of acceptance and uncertainty. 


Whether you’re a firm remainer or all out for Brexit you’ve probably wondered how it might affect your business? 


We’ve put together our 4 top thoughts on Brexit and your brand, the good the bad and the ugly, and how you should be prepared:  


1.    Opportunity might be around the corner

The opportunity for business might be better! Get ready in your business to maximise opportunity and increase your sales. Have a firm marketing strategy in place, get ahead of those burying their heads in the Brexit sand!

2.    Be ready!

Have a contingency plan – figure out the wider plans for the business no matter what the eventualities. Whether it’s supply chain issues, brand name and trademark worries or staff citizen issues be sure your brand has a solution for them all. Give your clients the reassurance you’re prepared and they will stay loyal!

3.    Don’t hang about 

With the cloud on unknown hovering about every business owner at the moment the best you can do is to be prepared for whatever Brexit, No Deal, Deal situation. Have a marketing team on hand to change as fast as the governments minds seem to be changing.

4.    Small businesses may win out! 

Position your brand to make the most of Brexit! If you’re a small business, Brexit will probably leave you at an advantage, with more scope to change and change quickly, you’ll have an ability to outsmart some of the bigger boys if and when you need to!


Who would have thought that Brexit could really impact your brand so much, but actually it’s more important than ever that in fluctuating and changing times your brand remains solid and strong with a clear strategy.


If you’d like any advice on how your business can tackle the upcoming Brexit worries give us a call on 01904 599500

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