Chemistry is crucial

Just recently we turned away our first client, yes that’s right we said ‘No’. You might ask why? Why would you turn down a project that would have paid substantial financial rewards? Well it’s quite simple really, we didn’t feel the relationship would have worked for us or the potential client. And this is where many designer-client relationships go wrong from the outset.

Many agencies are keen to snap up new clients without really considering whether or not they can work well with that client, or if they can have a good enough relationship to be able to have a collaborative honest approach to the project.

Two of our key values are transparency and honesty, being typical Yorkshire girls, we call a spade a spade, if something doesn’t sit right with us, we just say it. There is no flowering it up! That’s a company ethos we have decided to stand by and we grill our clients as much as they should be grilling us, that’s how it should work!

So next time you’re looking for a designer or an agency to work with, have a chemistry meeting with your short listed choices. Anyone can go on a website and look at work an agency has done but nothing can replace getting to know potential designers and figuring out if you can work well together. A few things to consider:


  • Do you have the same values?

  • How do your personalities work together?

  • Are you comfortable with them?

  • What are their communication styles?

  • Does their company culture fit with yours?

  • Are they the right size agency for you?

  • Do they have the right experience?

  • What have other clients said about their work and ethics?

  • Do you have good rapport?


Working with a designer should be a positive, fun and inspiring experience, so make sure you pick the right partner for your business. If your agency isn’t as excited about the project as you then you probably shouldn’t be working with them.


Make sure you have all this in mind next time you’re on the lookout and if you fancy a chat about anything design related give the melons a call!

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