Bringing your Pooch to work?

Most of us will remember the days when taking your dog to work seemed like an alien concept, well things have shifted with studies finding that 17 percent of employers are now dog and pet friendly! As a dog friendly company ourselves and with Nev being as much a part of the team as we are we thought we’d be pretty well placed to explore the real advantages of bringing the dog to work! We’ve seen many blogs talking about the positive impact on productivity and general office morale, are they true and should your next team member have four legs?

The wagging tail lowers stress levels

It’s not only a proven scientific fact, it actually seems to be true. Everyone has those stressful days at work, an office dog is like having that constant feeling of getting home from work after a long day to a lot of woofs and a

Dogs make us work more productively, right?

Happiness at work and higher job satisfaction leads to improved productivity, so what could make you happier than having (wo)man’s best friend with you at work. An affectionate paw or a cuddle from your four legged friend actually releases feel good hormones, which are proven to make you more engaged and productive. You can’t argue with the scientific facts!

Save your staff some money!

If you’ve experienced owning a dog it’s likely you’ve experienced that feeling of leaving for work on Monday morning with those puppy dog eyes looking at you wondering what time you will be home. Cue the pet sitters, the dog walkers or the favours from friends, and ultimately here comes a lot of cost. What better way to increase staff morale than by saving them a chunk of money on pet care!

Dogs improve the company image.

Without a doubt, people buy into people but people buy into animals too. Companies that are pet friendly are often perceived to be friendlier, more trustworthy and easier to work with. We certainly think that’s the case!

Some tips!


Make sure everyone is happy with the office dog, employees and visitors alike!

It’s no good having your visitors flattened by the office Labrador or an employee sneezing their way through life. So if you’re going to have an office dog make sure everyone’s happy with it, and if you do have visitors make sure they are pet friendly, if they aren’t then make sure the office is a no dog zone for the day!


Ensure the office is dog friendly

If you have an ankle snapper then perhaps they aren’t the right fit to be an office dog, likewise an over friendly dog also might want to be left at home, not everyone wants licking on a day to day basis. If you’ve got more than one office dog make sure they get along and are a benefit to the office not an unruly distraction.


Limit the number of pets

Ok so perhaps we might be a little hypocritical here, with 5 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, a pig a sheep and 13 chickens, we probably take pet friendly a little far! But if you do have employees bringing dogs to work you might want to designate certain days for dogs so you’re not overrun with more dogs than employees!


If in doubt, GET AN OFFICE DOG!


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