Creative Block, Melon Style

We’ve all been there. That moment when you put your head in your hands and realise you’re suffering from the dreaded ‘creative block’. Sometimes you just need a little push to get you back in the zone and doing what you do best.

Now if you’re a creative you also know all the usual techniques to get you back on track. But in reality do they work? or would it be better to try some unique ways of getting over your block. I mean if you genuinely have got that block, how much is writing a list or rearranging your desk going to help?

Luckily the melons rarely suffer creative block, perhaps it’s because we have a unique way of working. That said we do have some tips on some more fun ways of getting over that block. Believe me these have actually happened with the melons, they are fact not fiction.


1. Get drunk

A little wine never hurt anybody.


2. Take a holiday

Everyone’s happier with a tan.


3. Do a headstand

Surely a rush a blood to the head is better than in the feet.


4. Quit

Just for the day obviously.


5. Prepare your head stone

After all you’re probably feeling like it’s the end of the world. Our personal favourite would be ‘Death by uncreativity’.


6. Go to Nando’s

When did chicken ever let you down?



We hope our methods are helpful ! If you’ve got creative block, or if you’d just like to go to Nando’s with a melon give us a shout on 01904 599500.

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