Some things are better in smaller packages

Every organisation needs to participate in marketing – without marketing how are customers supposed to find out about the product or service you have to offer? This is where we come in. Agencies can be big or small, established or up and coming.

Many organisations choose to go with the large established marketing agencies who have been in the business a long time and know their area well. But is this creating boundaries that people are reluctant to cross? It has become more and more noticeable that big brands are partnering with smaller agencies – and we love this! The key to successful marketing is coming up with innovative ideas which can increase awareness and encourage buying behaviour. Large marketing agencies can often be stuck in their ways and their ideas can be stagnant. Richard Branson once said “Brilliant ideas often come from small teams”. Some brands are working with smaller agencies just to get new thinking and new energy into the mix and give it that personal touch.

One of our client’s main requirements is a relationship. The beauty of being a small agency is adding our personal touch, having faster results and the ability to take greater risks whilst considering the culture and a deeper insight of the brand.


One thing that we do know is our industry is constantly changing. Does this put us in a better position in comparison to the larger agencies? – possibly, yes. But one thing that is important to remember is social media has transformed modern day marketing and is accessible for large agencies but also small agencies with ambition and drive.


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    13th October 2017

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